The Embroidered Truth

The F-word means different things to different people.  If I’m talking about food, it stands for feta cheese – I think I am the only person in the world who hates feta. The most common meaning of the F-word is pretty much understood, but there’s one that is more personal to me: failure.

Fear of failure is one of those cute little attributes of perfectionism that makes it very hard to try new things and explore creativity. (Ooh, fear is another F-word. I notice a trend.) It makes it hard to stand up and audition for shows, particularly if you really want a certain role. It makes you stay close to the edge of the ice-skating rink – well, that and the fear of bodily harm.

But if we don’t risk failure, how do we learn? Isn’t falling down part of learning to walk?  Everything  we’ve learned in our lives…

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