Learning How to Share a Flat – All Together Now!

Dear all,

I’m sorry for being absent for such a long time. Last days have been really busy which is good.

After Easter the City got back to it’s usual “fast pace” and it has been difficult to seat for a while and share more things with you. But the next days will be better.

It’s funny because this week my flatmates and I became closer for a cause: We need a Plumber! 🙂 apparently our shower is not working well. Our baths are bipolar and we are getting crazy! We start the bath with warm water and in a sudden it becomes cold as ice! Then, we stop the shower and start again. And we get burned!! We stop the shower again and scream! But we keep trying until we get the bath done!

So, instead of geeting nuts and call a shrink to all of us, we’ve decided that we needed a Plumber… two weeks ago. The agency that rents the house is the one that is in charge of these kind of dilligences. So, the Plumber was supposed to come so many time and never did. We got mad but then again we didn’t call the shrink. We bombed the agency with loads of emails. Hot emails, mild emails… then freezing emails… just like the shower. They felt our aggressiveness that had its exctasis yesterday when we threaten to call a Lawer! (Not a shrink!).

Tomorrow we expect Mr. Plumber to come… let’s see if it really happens this time. At least, now the Agency is also freaking out with our emails. 🙂

The “We Need a Plumber” Cause definitley brought a really mild temperature to the relationship among flatmates. So, I realise that sometimes, something like a Bipolar Shower can approach people and turn the environment around more casual, friendly and relaxed… and very funny as well.

Sarah, one of the girls that lives here – apart from me (lol) – made a dessert this evening and share it with the “Flatties”. Hummm…. No comments. I just leave you with an image of the last piece.


Take care,



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