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Easter in the UK

In the UK Easter is one of the major Christian festivals of the year. It is full of customs, folklore and traditional food. However, Easter in Britain has its beginnings long before the arrival of Christianity. Many theologians believe Easter itself is named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and spring – Eostre.

In Britain Easter occurs at a different time each year. It is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the festival can occur on any Sunday between March 22 and April 25. Not only is Easter the end of the winter it is also the end of Lent, traditionally a time of fasting in the Christian calendar. It is therefore often a time of fun and celebration.

The Friday before Easter Sunday and the Monday after are a bank holiday in the UK. Over Easter schools in the UK close for two weeks, just enough time to digest all the chocolate. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Easter in the UK

  1. Yes, but most people don’t know what it’s about. A friend resigned as a school governor as they wanted to rename it the spring break in case it offended Moslems at the school. It has a lot of history, but most people don’t know or care about it. Just another excuse for a holiday. and chocolate.

  2. Have you noticed, Barb, that all celebrations are turning into excuses for something?
    And that “stuff” of renaming things and events, instead of REALLY tolerate and teach how to tolerate and accept differences, giving the example, at SCHOOL first of all…
    Gosh! It’s so very hypocrite and a never ending story…



    1. On BBC Radio 4 there is a thought for the day each morning from a religious leader. I loved the comments from a Sikh, who celebrates everything and eats too much turkey and pudding in order to promote multiculturalism. I like his ideas. Why can’t we all have our different beliefs but all have fun doing it?

      1. You’re quite right. I think exactly the same. But I really mean it. I don’t pretend to tolerate. Most probably because I’m not a radical believer (in any matter whatsoever); most probably also because I don’t spend much time thinking that “different” is bad, but exactly the opposite.

        Love and a huge hug!

  3. Dear ladies, I completly agree with you most. However, I must also agree with Celeste about the “excuse” to consume. Not so much Christmas, but Easter became just a great moment during the year to relax and take some vacations to go somewhere. Sometimes the Family stays behind and people don’t even now what Easter simbolizes.
    Kisses to both of you and thank you for your interesting comments.

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